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The Protected Geographical Indication (IXP) Ribeira del Morrazo is a protection figure of the European Union for wines made in the municipalities of Bueu, Cangas, Moaña, Marín, Vilaboa, Pontevedra, Poio and Redondela.

A IXP Ribeiras del Morrazo was approved by the European Commission, dated January 9, 2018, but this recognition has a story behind it, the story of a David that is born the shadow of a Goliath, that of a deeply rooted wine culture in society, that of a potential grain territory that resists the abandonment of the vineyards, and ultimately the work and effort of many winemakers, wineries and other entities of the territory that together with the GDR Pontevedra Morrazo promoted the approval of this seal guarantee to protect and value their wines as unique wines, representative of the identity of these lands and a quality contrasted.


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