A Magical Day of Wine and Community

Monday, November 6, 2023

Flavor and Tradition Hand in Hand at Paadín Tasting Classroom.

When Galicia speaks through its wines, the world listens. On the enchanting evening of this past Monday, October 30th, at the Paadín Tasting Classroom, our Protected Geographical Indications took center stage in a celebration that transcended the senses. Between tradition and the new wave of oenology, we found stories in every bottle and camaraderie in every toast.

Your warmth and passion made this tasting more than just a meeting; it turned into a true feast for the memory!

The story of Galician wine continues to be written, and you are its best narrators. Keep an eye on @ribeirasdomorrazo to not miss any details of our upcoming events. We keep toasting together and telling stories; your story with us continues with each sip.