Loureiro Tinto

It is a variety of the IXP Ribeiras do Morrazo.
Loureiro tinto is a Spanish grape variety (Vitis vinifera). It is also known by the names of: loureiro tinta or loureira tinta. It has berries of small size and round shape. It is native to Galicia, the only place where it is grown. According to the Order APA / 1819/2007, by which Annex V, classification of vine varieties is updated, of Royal Decree 1472/2000, of 4 August, which regulates the potential of viticultural production, loureiro tinto it is considered the variety recommended for the autonomous community of Galicia. It produces quality wines with a lot of aroma, but being scarce, it is not used as a varietal but as a complement to others. There is a white loureira, a little more abundant than this ink variety.

Loureira tinta
Source: EVEGA