Caíño Redondo, Couxo


This cultivation is genetically related to the linaxe del Merenzao (Díaz-Losada et al., 2010).

Current situation

It is a variety of the IXP Ribeiras do Morrazo. It is also contemplated with the category of preferred in D.Lo. Rías Baixas.

Ratings about your crop

Variety of average sprouts and late maturation; low production in relation to the Mencía; medium sensitivity to botrite to mildew and powdery mildew. It produces wines with a medium-high degree that, depending on the location of their crop, can vary between 11.4-14% v / v; of medium acidity (6-4.7 g / L) and high pH (3.5-3.9); of medium color (IPT 55-38); with a high aromatic intensity, with aromas of red fruits, currant, strawberry, and lactic; with body, persistent, with soft and pleasant tannins. The variety is indicated for the production of wines of the year both monovarietais and plurivarietais; could hold up well in barrel aging.

Morphological description

The new branch presents the open limb with hair lying of densidadebaixa and pigmentation absent or reberetada of very weak intensity. The dorsal face of the trainers is green and red, and the ventral face green. The buds have anthocyanin pigmentation at the base of the bract and weak intensity.

New Sheet
The new leaf is green with hair lying dedensidade media.

Adult leaf
The average green leaf has medium size and pentagonal shape, with five lobes; hairy, with average density of hairs lying between the main nerves of the underside and none or very low of erect hairs and with low density of hairs lying down and standing on the main nerves of the lower part of the limbus; warped profile; limb with avultamento and weak swelling; teeth with convex sides, of medium length in relation to their width; petiolar sinus with lobes slightly open and with the base in the form of a key; open upper lateral sinuses with V-shaped base; Petiole shorter than the main nerve.

The cluster is conical, long, wide and medium compacted and with presence of 1 or 2 at. The peduncle is of short length.

The black blue bago has a spherical shape.


Espadeiro 2
Source: EVEGA