Branco lexítimo


White Legitimate in Betanzos, Raposo in the Barbanza, Blanca del País in the Navia Valley.


Garci'a of the Salmons (1914) citadel under the denomination of Blanca Legitima in the locality of Paderne (Betanzos), in the province of A Coruña.

Current situation

It is a variety of the IXP Ribeiras do Morrazo. Minority variety present in the areas of Betanzos and O Barbanza.

Ratings about your crop

Variety of early sprouts and maturation; average production in relation to the white variety Albariño; high sensitivity to powdery mildew and average to mildew and botrite. Produces wines that in ideal areas can achieve a high alcohol content (12.5-15.5%) and medium acidity (6.2-6.7 g / L) with a pH of 2.9-3.4. Characterized by having a high content of terpenes, superior to those found in Albariño, Treixadura or Loureira, these latter varieties considered as ideal for the production of white wines in Galicia. Suitable for the elaboration of monovarietais wines or in mixture with other castes, wines of the year, although it can also admit the passage through barrels. Of high aromatic intensity, with intense primary aromas the fresh fruit, peach, apricot and candied fruit, peach in syrup. The wine is structured, full-bodied and persistent.

Morphological description

The new branch presents the open limb with low lying hair of low density and pigmented remnants of weak intensity. The dorsal and ventral face of the internodes and ventral of us is green and red, while the dorsal of the we is green. The buds do not present anthocyanin pigmentation.

New Sheet
The new leaf is green or tanned with low lying hair.

Adult leaf
The average green leaf has medium size and pentagonal shape, with five lobes; hairy, with low density of hairs lying between and on the main nerves of the lower part of the limbus; warped profile; limb with avultamento and weak swelling; presence of anthocyanin pigmentation on the main nerves of the underside of the limbus that reaches the first bifurcation; teeth with straight sides, of average length in relation to their width; petiolar sinus slightly open and with the base in the form of a key; open upper lateral sinuses with V-shaped base; Petiole slightly shorter than the main nerve.

The cluster is conical, of longitude, width and average compaction and with presence of 1 or 2 at. The peduncle is very short in length.

The yellow-green bago has a short elliptical shape.


Branco Lexítimo
Branco Lexítimo 2
Source: EVEGA