Albarello (denomination given in the DEL Ribeira Sacra and Valdeorras), Serradelo (in Betanzos), Brancello (in the DEL Rías Baixas) and Brencello (in the Baixa Limia)


Variety documented as cultivated in the pre-phylloxera period in Galicia, is cited as a synonym of Albarello by different authors (Casares, 1843, Fernández Crespo, 1897). Recent studies show that both denominations respond to the same variety, and their genetic origin is related to the Caíño Bravo (Díaz-Losada et al., 2010). García de los Salmones (1914) cites his cultivation in Bueno (Noia), Betanzos, Monforte, Lobios, A Pobra de Trives, The Barcode Valdereras, Ponteareas. In the Viticultural Cadastre of 1983 it is indicated how it is present in the provinces of Pontevedra and Ourense.

Current situation

It is a variety of the IXP Ribeiras do Morrazo. It is also recognized as a preferred variety in DD. OO Ribeira Sacra and Ribeiro y Valdeorras, as authorized in the Rías Baixas, and is also recommended for the elaboration of wines in the geographical indications Wines of Terra de Betanzos, Barbanza and Iria and Valle del Miño.

Ratings about your crop

Variety of sprouted and late ripening; high vigor and production and average yield compared to the Mencía variety. It has high sensitivity to powdery mildew, medium intensity to mildew and low to botrite. It produces balanced wines with graduations between 13.14-13.82% and total acidity (5-6.43 g / L) and pH (3.4-3.6) medium. With low content of phenolic compounds (IPT 25-35). The wines are of medium structure, with soft tannins and high aromatic intensity, with aromas of blond fruits, raisins and fresh fruit. It is suitable for the production of wines of the year monovarietais plurivarietais, also admitting short crianzas.

Morphological description

The new branch presents the open limb, very hairy and with anthocyanin pigmentation with weak intensity. The dorsal and ventral side of the training is green, while that of the us is green and red. The buds present anthocyanin pigmentation in the base of medium intensity.

New Sheet
The new leaf is tanned and very hairy between the nerves of the back.

Adult leaf
The adult leaf of dark green color presents average size and pentagonal form, with five lobes; hairy, with high density of hairs lying between the main and middle nerves on these, and with no or very low density of hairs raised between and on the main nerves; warped profile; limb with medium avultamento and strong swelling of the face; teeth with both convex sides of medium length in relation to their width; petiolar sinus in V, with lobes slightly overlapping; upper lateral sinuses with lobes slightly overlapped with U-shaped base and occasional presence of teeth; Petiole slightly shorter than the main nerve.

The cluster is conical, of medium length and width, compacted loose and with the presence of 1 or 2 at. The peduncle is of medium length.

The dark violet red bago presents a short elliptical shape and medium size.


Brancellao 2
Source: EVEGA