Garcia de los Salmones (1914) citta as cultivated in the provinces of Lugo, A Coruña and Pontevedra. No Viticultural Cadastre of 1983 indicated or was cultivated in the province of Coruña, Ourense and Pontevedra.

Current situation

It is a variety of the IXP Ribeiras do Morrazo. It is also listed as a preferred variety of DD.OO. Ribeira Sacra, Rías Baixas, Ribeiro and Valdeorras, and as authorized D.O. Monterrei It was also contemplated for the production of vineyards with xenographic indications Viño da Terra Barbanza and Iria and Val do Miño.

Valuations on or your crop

Variedade of precocious agromada and medium maturation; media-baixa production; sensitidade alta ao mildeu, media ao oídio and baixa á botrite. It produces vines of high enolóxico potential, in xeral with graduation and high acidity, it is ben depending on the zone to graduation can vary between 8,6 and 14,2%, e to acidity between 7,2 and 14,3g / L. Variedade moi terpénica, produces vines with floral scent of roses and froitas as mazá, pera, pexego; moi nice, fresh é with certa aresta acid.

Morphological description

O pámpano novo presents aberta aberta with peluxe taken from medium densidade and pigmented reberetada of medium intensity. On the dorsal face, two trainers and two ventral faces are green and green, two ventral and two green. As such, they dye basal anthocyanin pigmentation of medium intensity.

Folla Nova
A fucks nova é verde with peluxe taken from high densidade.

Adult Fucks
A adult female with medium green cor presents medium size and pentagonal shape, with three lobes; hairy, with average densities of hairs plucked between the nerves principalis do envés of limbo; flat profile; limb with avultation and weak swelling; Two convex sides, of short length in relation to this width; seo petiolar with lobes semiabertos e coa base in the form of a chave; seos laterais superior openings with a V-shaped base; petiole lixeiramente mais curto that or main nerve.

Or acio é conical, of shortitude curt, width and compacidade average e with presenza of 1 or 2 ás. Or peduncle é of average lonxitude.

O bago de cor verde amarela presents a spherical shape.


Source: EVEGA